Disaster Management Zone (DMZ): Military Pharmacists Preparedness and Adaptation in COVID-19 Treatment Centre


Military Pharmacy
Disaster Management
Military Hospital


The COVID-19 pandemic struck Malaysia in early 2020, cre- ating an unexpected public health emergency and straining medical facilities. The exponential growth of moderate to se- vere COVID 19 patients in healthcare centers in Klang Valley particularly, had become an enormous burden to the health care system. The Disaster Management Zone (DMZ) located in Tu- anku Mizan Armed Forces Hospital was activated to support the Greater Klang Valley Task Force (GKVTF) to cope with this sit- uation. Military pharmacists collaborated with other healthcare professionals to optimize the use and purchase of medications and consumables despite unforeseen challenges throughout the operation of the DMZ. Many lessons were learnt throughout this unforeseen experience, for example the need to explore digitali- zation of pharmacy management systems. This could be the best way forward as it reduces overall workload, minimizes medica- tion-related errors, and ultimately improves pharmaceutical care.